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Our Staff


pic-paul1Paul Lindsey
President and CEO

Paul is a third generation Master Electrician with the State of Texas. He has been a Master Electrician since 1989.

In 2001, Paul ran across a method in which to reduce electrical consumption and started to develop a device in which would reduce the amount of electricity used by anyone with an electrical meter. Later in that year, he started Circuit Rider Marketing, LLC. In 2012, he started Gesper Marketing, Inc. as new technology has come out and has been incorporated in the newest product, decided a new name with the anonym of the product would better brand the company and the product. Gesper Marketing, Inc. was created to support the new image of Gesper.




pic-clint2Clint Hansard
Director of International Development

Clint was responsible for signing a Distributor Agreement with Circuitos de Ahorras in Mexico to distribute the GESPER and with T2C Engineering in Puerto Rico.

Clint was a member of the faculty at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tx and studied international Economics at Texas Tech. He has officiated Texas High School baseball for 12 years and has called numerous playoff series throughout the state.

Currently he is working with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce seeking to expand the GESPER brand overseas and in target markets.